The last adventure we went on before we got married was a trip to Beef Basin. Beef Basin is a remote area in southeastern Utah about 50 miles southwest of Moab. It is encircled by Canyonlands to the north, Glen Canyon to the west, and Dark Canyon Wilderness to the south. Our trip started out with a must see stop at Newspaper Rock before heading down a dirt road on a two hour drive that drops you  into the valley of Ruin Park and Beef Basin.  The road into Beef Basin is long and rough so make sure you go prepared as this is a 4×4 road only. Because of this we chose to camp up higher and ride the four wheeler into the valley to explore each day.

Beef Basin and Ruin Park are known for their historical sites and Indian ruins. Almost every turn off the main dirt road leads you to another ruin, but we really enjoyed going for hikes on our own and roaming the canyon to find some that way.  It was so interesting to see how each site was built and see the pottery shards still scattered along the ground. It’s amazing that these ruins are still standing after all these years!

On every hike we went on we were seeing shed antlers on the ground so we had a good time picking them up and ended up with quite the collection by the end of the trip!!

After spending a few days here we still didn’t even come close to seeing everything there is to see in this area. It has turned into one of our favorite places because it is so vast and still feels untouched by people. We already have a return trip planned here for the fall which we are so excited about! (Just not so much driving down the long, bumpy, dirt road!)