This past weekend we went to pick up our Christmas Tree permit so we could cut down our own tree this year. Since we had to travel to pick up our permit we were looking for something to do in the area to fill the rest of our day. When we realized we were near Nine Mile Canyon we decided we had to check it out! Nine Mile Canyon is known for it’s extensive rock art and has been nicknamed, “The World’s Longest Art Gallery.” Despite the name “9 mile,” this canyon is actually a 40 mile long road that winds through ranches and old settlements that date back as far as the 1880’s.


This canyon is filled with Petroglyphs and Pictographs of all variety. If you want to see a lot rock art in the same area this is a great place to go! As soon as we entered the canyon the rock art seemed to be around every corner and every cliff we looked at. It was nice to be able to take a leisurely drive and not have to hike in to see them this trip.

Not only is this canyon filled with history from the Fremont and Ute people, but you can also see the remnants of the ranchers that settled this valley. It is neat to see the contrast of these two worlds side by side and imagine the conflict between them that may have taken place. I’m sure if these canyon walls could talk we would hear some interesting tales and stories!

Nine Mile Canyon is intriguing because of the history of people that carved a life in this rough desert landscape and left glimpses of their past for us to see. No matter how many sites like this we may visit we are always amazed at how different each place is from one another and are always left with the feeling of awe and wonder. This was the perfect day trip for us and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and different to do.