As fall comes to an end and winter is fast approaching we have been looking back on all of our great adventures and memories we have made this past year. We have been so many cool places and seen some amazing sites; from the highest point in the Uinta Mountains, down to the red rock of Zion National Park, and so much in between. As we were talking about the places we have been and making plans for what we still want to do, we couldn’t stop laughing at some of the things that happened to us this past season. While we go to these amazing places for the scenic views, and hope for a perfect experience and trip, it’s always the unexpected moments, or the funny, unplanned things that happened to us that leave a lasting memory.

With winter and the holidays coming up we know we won’t be getting out every weekend like we have been lately. We have a few trips planned to curb our cabin fever but it’s not always easy or convenient with our snowy Utah winters. One of our upcoming trips that we are looking forward to is visiting Arches and Canyonlands and we are crossing our fingers we will be lucky enough to see the famous Utah arches covered in snow!

We have also been dying to see another monumental site known as, “The Wave” which is on the Utah/Arizona border. This is a site where only a small number of people are allowed in each day and you need to obtain a permit a few months in advance. We haven’t been lucky enough to draw out yet, but this would be another perfect winter getaway in search of warmer weather.

We like to plan trips like this and have things to look forward to because it helps us get through the chilly winter months. We are already looking forward to next summer and have a list of new places we want to see and explore. Does anyone have any good ideas for us to add to our list? What are some of your favorite things to do to get through the off season months?