Once again, we loaded up the truck on a whim and headed out late Friday night for another adventure. Sometimes we just have a general idea in mind for where we want to go and let the flow of the journey decide where we end up.  We have found that this takes out all of the stress and worry of planning a trip and we are truly able to enjoy getting out. With Friday night being the New Moon and knowing that the sky was going to be extra dark that night we decided we had to take advantage of it and go somewhere we could appreciate the night sky.

Looking at the sky and trying to see the stars in the city is rough. The stars look dull and there are only few here and there and honestly… it’s not that significant. When you are out in the wilderness where there aren’t any city lights and light pollution to interfere, you get a completely different experience and stars seem to come out of nowhere to light up the sky by the millions. We can’t even begin to put what we saw accurately into words. Pictures just don’t capture the full effect and the feeling of isolation you get when there is literally nothing around you. Sitting here on the back of the tailgate in the frosty air made us wish that we lived here so we could look at this every night! The Milky Way flooded the sky and we saw shooting star after shooting star. If anyone has any tips or tricks for taking pictures of the night sky let us know because none of ours turned out!

Besides the night sky one of our favorite things to see are the sunrises and sunsets. This trip we camped in one of the coolest spots. It was on the edge of a gorge with the most dramatic view all around us. We laid out the sleeping bags in the back of the truck and woke up to this.  I definitely would say this is waking up on the right side of the bed!

There are always so many interesting and peculiar things you can run in to when you are out hiking and exploring, along with random animals and wild life. One of the highlights of this trip was finding some red spotted toads in a crystal clear pool of water.


After an afternoon of nothing but blue skies we watched an unexpected storm creep in. Storms in the desert are always fast moving and intense. They were fun for us to watch from a distance, but if you were caught in one of these they can ruin your trip and be extremely dangerous if you’re not prepared. We saw the power of this storm after it had passed through and the unlucky campers with flooded camps that weren’t prepared.

We were lucky enough to see the head of the flash flood as it raged down the canyon and filled the wash in a matter of seconds. As we went down the road a little further we saw the storm water shooting off the cliffs that added to the raging waters. We thought it was entertaining to watch, but we also realized how careful you have to be when exploring down the bottom of a wash and in slot canyons.

We definitely had another successful adventure to add to the books. Living in Utah has allowed us to see so many different locations in various seasons and with the weather always changing, we constantly feel like we have a new experience each time we go out, even if we have been there before.