We had the first big fall storm hit us this past week so we decided we needed to bail and head south in hopes of escaping the storm. It’s no surprise we went back down to the San Rafael Swell as it has become our favorite place to go lately to reconnect and recharge. We have been here twice in the past month!

We went to a desolate area away from the well known destination spots and spent the day wandering along the rim. We walked along the canyon bottoms that were washed out by the recent flash floods that came through a few days before we did. Being down here in the fall made us realize this is the perfect time of year to visit the Swell. Mild weather, fewer people, and no biting gnats!

The most appealing aspect of the San Rafael Swell that keeps us coming back over and over again, is that you can go for a hike and see something new and different every time. There are endless canyons to search and explore.

“The Wedge” is a must see for anybody visiting the Swell. It’s views are breathtaking and there are multiple camp sites along the rim. We only spent a few hours here, but for those of you looking for an awesome camping spot this is the place. The star gazing from The Wedge is amazing!

We know we are extremely lucky to live so close to such a beautiful place where we can load the truck up on a whim and be there in a couple of hours. It’s been the perfect place for us to feed our adventurous spirit! We can only hope the San Rafael Swell will stay the way it is now; vast and untouched for generations to come.